TDS Bio The Dove Stones ( TDS) was started in the late end of 2006 when a group of musicians who used to play in separate bands got together and formed the band The Dove Stones.            The name is taken from a stone on Saddleworth moor where the band lives.( Nr Manchester) Band members Duddz Lead Singer, Guitarist and Song Writer. Gregg Holdich Lead Guitarist backing vocal Darren Cyprus  Bass and backing vocals Kitch Drums TDS initially started as a cover band playing covers from bands like, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol, Greenday, Kaiser Chiefs and other great bands.   Inspired by the bands they covered they started to write their own songs. “The songs are written on acoustic guitar”, explains Duddz ( Song Writer) “and then taken to the band to build the music up around the lyrics and basic chord structure. Writing is my passion it’s what I love to do. The words/ lyrics are so important to me. I try to write songs with some sort of message or meaning. Songs that make you reflect or think. Make you happy or sad it doesn’t matter which as long as it makes you feel something. One of the best feelings in the world is when you complete a new song and hear it for the first time complete with the band. Truly amazing feeling”.             TDS live to play live. We love to entertain. Studio work is not as much fun and can be somewhat of a drag as everything happens way too slow for us, we just want to get in there and bang the tunes out but it doesn’t work like that in a studio. Then again you have to put it in to get it out!             The Future To write and perform to the best of our ability and meet great friends along the way.