A Galaxy of Stars! Welcome to the ionsonic an advanced media broadcast and communication system designed specifically for bands, artists and music lovers. If you are a band, artist or dj creating your own music ionsonic is an easy and fast way to broadcast your live and recorded content using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Broadcasting on ionsonic helps you gather and engage with a real audience, giving roots to your music. It motivates the crowd to tell their friends, buy your merchandise and event tickets. Or it simply encourages people to get up out of their chairs and start dancing! ionsonic - ionsonic - live streaming music.Indie Music Index and indie Music Charts. A Galaxy of Stars! Listen to and download the best indie music using our daily, weekly, monthly and all-time indie music charts. Real time chart calculations provide up to the minute chart data. indie music charts,indie music,indie music index,latest indie songs,indie music downloads,free indie music downloads, indie mp3 downloads,new indie music,daily indie music charts,indie music artists,indie bands,best indie music

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